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"A alma mais sensata a quem a loucura convida mais docemente"

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Deixa eu plantar um carinho no teu peito inquieto.

Mallu (via frene-siar)

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Tudo em sua totalidade tem um sentido, mas não podemos ver porque estamos com os fragmentos.

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Know your enemy - Lust.  Lust can range from lust itself to contemplation of the object of the senses from anything…like pets, cars, technology, women/men, money, ambition etc. It is present in VARYING DEGREES. It is like a parasite that latches onto 3 places in your body. The senses, the mind and intelligence. Once afflicted by this enemy, we fall down in varying degrees where lust leads to anger, anger leads to bewilderment, loss of memory, intelligence, then it causes bondage in the material world, forgetting our true identity of spirit soul. If we kill it, means killing ourselves. So that is not a solution. So how do we get rid of this parasite? Krsna, near the end of chapter 3 of Bhagavad Gita As It Is explains this science to Arjuna. The answer Krsna gives is basically that we need to regulate are mind, intelligence and senses Krsna Consciously. Why? Krsna explains that higher than the senses is the mind, higher than the mind is the intelligence, and higher than the intelligence is the soul. Herein lies the key. The soul is NOT a resting place for Lust! Therefore, if we we actually do activities that are related on a soul level, then our intelligence, mind and senses all become subdued. It leaves no opportunity for you to cause that chain reaction of lust which undoubtedly gets us into trouble time and time again. People are always looking for a material solution for a material problem. Krsna just explained how a spiritual solution is the answer to all material problems. The soul is purely spiritual. It behooves us to try and get to know our true identity as part and parcel of that Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krsna. #harekrishna #krishna #bhaktiyoga #bhagavadgita #gita #mahabharata #yoga #mind #senses #intelligence #soul #spirituality
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Takato Yamamoto
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Toda essa loucura
Toda essa juventude,
Por entre uma
Ventania implacável.
Cada encontro acabável.
Se achando por entre
A confusão
No olho do furacão
Sem salvação.
Labirinto mental
Esbarra no emocional
Até espirítual
Totalmente experimental
Não mais que
Jogando-se no mundão
Buscando sua
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